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About Me

David Monsonego, Photographer.
Born in Israel in 1957.
Grew up in Zephath,
Married + three children,
As for today lives in Gan–Ner, works in High-Tech.

Always liked to look at the world through the lens. David's works surround a variety of subjects, Amongst his photographs you can find artistic photographs, rare nature photographs, and thousands of photographs from sites in Israel and around the world. The photographs are an expression of the deep and uncompromising bond with nature, life, flora, and the wonderful landscapes. The need to be in nature, to experience cultures, and to document them through the camera lens, creates an expression of the exiting encounter between the light and man, nature and landscape and brings it to the viewer in pieces of colorful nature.

Form the beginning, David saw photography as an artistic expression that began actually in abstract and surreal painting and as He was starting David tried to seek the abstract scene in photography as well. Trough the years David took part in field photography workshops, with the leading photographers in the field, and specialized in Animals photography. All His experience in this field Hi acquired in journeys in the large reservations in Africa. The photography constitutes a central part of David's life and Hi invest all of him self in constant search of a photographic challenges that exposed him not once to surprising, weird and even scary encounters. In David's eyes, photography is a means of expressing the way Hi foresees the world. And the motto that hi carries from that beginning until today is to be there and for that it's been told "the main vision of the photographer is not in sight but in being there…"

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